How to motivate employees

  One of the enormous issues for employers is to motivate staffs to do their tasks perfectly. So that, it’s necessary for them to prepare the enthusiastic environment which is meant to have prize or extra wage and also appropriate panelize, due to employee’s job expectation. In this essay, I will share the points that I have reached during my career experience and I will disclose that if I were an employer, what I would do to incentive and motivate my employees to do their best.


  Generally speaking, it is believed that every individual encouragement and punishment should be accomplished in a private place which is aim to reduce jealousy and envy among staffs. Furthermore, there must be some rules that makes staffs to keep every financial transaction in low key. Regarding to this, the company is supposed to conduct staffs entirely in right way.


  Having said that, it doesn’t mean to not talk about good points and negative points that your staffs have in public. But, you should be aware of evoking other staffs feeling of envy, therefore, it’s better to encourage groups. What I’ve tried to say is every employee should be analyzed by their own characters and for sure you won’t be regretful if you treat them by considering these traits. It will be prudent to motive with prize for doing hard tasks and tempt them to achieve those targets, but these goals mustn’t be too competitive.


  To sum it up, it can be derived from my points, employee should be considered as a child of the company. Which that means is they must be up brings in a way to become a mature company’s family member. Every successful employer knows that each recruitment is their long-term investment which requires to spend time, money and companies facilities for harvesting much bigger yields.